Examples: Briareos from Appleseed is a rather hidden example intimidating in spanish. Lampshaded when SG-1 gets sent to a prison planet, where O Neill tells him to, Look scary and take point. This shows up in Getter Robo, of all places intimidating in spanish. Winston is seeing just how far Schmidt will go in making a fool of himself, when the Scary Black Man gets into their car, freaking them out. Katniss believes that he would be a nice guy if left to his own devices.

He was an Elemental, a genetically engineered- super infantry warrior who stood more than eight feet tall. If you talk to the guy who took Sten s sword with him in your party, you even get to refer to him as my large, angry friend. This trope shows up at /least/ in Neo Getter vs. People don t really freak out until they find out he s black underneath. It s also worth noting that, based on evidence from the movie Appleseed Ex Machina, the artificial skin under Briareos s armor is literally black — as in, the color of a car tire.

Speaking of NXT, Brodus Clay fit this when he was still a heel. Takenori Akagi isn t ethnically black (though he s based off of Patrick Ewing), but has many traits of this archetype. It took being weakened during a brutal Civil War for Tiber Septim to claim Hammerfell for his Rising Empire, and a Redguard uprising was considered one of the greatest threats to the Septim Empire for centuries after..
. Averted with Luke Cage, despite his strength and power. .


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